Shameless self-promotion

Edits to Safe Harbor went off to my publisher yesterday. The wheels are in motion!

Now I can turn my attention to building a dynamite website that will launch Safe Harbor into a virtually unlimited public space.

A bit intimidating but, hey,  if I’d wanted complete privacy I wouldn’t have tried to get Safe Harbor published. I need to give readers a way to get in touch with me and find out more about me – within reason.

My characters, Pat Tierney, her family and all the others, began as figments of my imagination and slowly come to life on my computer. They formed themselves into a manuscript that garnered some attention as a finalist in last year’s Debut Dagger competition. Then Imajin Books offered two publication contracts, and said they liked the Safe Harbor name (now spelled the American way because most of Imajin’s sales are in the U.S.) The book will come out as a paperback and an e-book at the end of the year or nearly in the new year.

And now I have to do my best to get my young one up and running in cyberspace.

I’m looking at other writers’ sites for ideas. Two that I admire are those of Sara Paretsky, the queen of modern crime fiction, and Canada’s Arthur Ellis award-winning Mary Jane Maffina. They’re attractive, informative and easy for viewers to navigate.

But having a great website is not enough to promote my book. I’ll need to get up to speed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ll have to email bloggers and ask if they’d like to review my book or interview me.

This will be fun. I don’t thinks there’s wrong or a right way of doing things, and I’m going to experiment to find ways of doing things that I want to do.

Looks like I won’t have much time to finish the sequel to Safe Harbor. I will definitely be off track in coming weeks, but I intend to establish time boundaries to juggle writing, journalism assignments and social media.

Hooray! It’s all starting to happen.

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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