Love my kindle!

Santa arrived early this year and he brought me a Kindle Wi-Fi. It was a birthday gift, actually, because my birthday falls before Christmas in December. And, dear fellow that he is, Santa remembers both fêtes.

With my novel, Safe Harbor, coming out in early spring, it’s about time I had an e-reader. So I did a bit of research for Santa, and decided upon the Kindle Wi-Fi (called the Kindle Keyboard in the U.S.). I like its mini keyboard, its text key that lets me adjust font size, its bookmarks, and its notes and highlights. It also has a built-in user’s guide and two dictionaries, The New Oxford American Dictionary and The Oxford Dictionary of English.

And it allows me to access the Internet when I’m away from home at Wi-Fi venues.

The first thing I did was download a few ebooks. I started with Imajin Books authors. Their ebooks are on sale for $1.99 up until Christmas. I now have Cheryl Kaye Tardif’s Whale Song, Chris Redding’s Blonde Demolition, Catherine Astolfo’s The Bridgeman, Kat Flannery’s Chasing Clovers and Anna Patricio’s Asenath on my Kindle.

I’m buying more books this week. I see that Donna Carrick’s Kindle edition of The First Excellence is currently selling for 99 cents. I’ve got to have that!

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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1 Response to Love my kindle!

  1. Linda Cahill says:

    Rosemary you make the e reader world enticing. I’ve got to have one too so I can get these Imajin authors at such great buys. At a Brunch todsay I was telling someone about Donna Carrick’s company he was very interested.

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