Piggybacking to market

I’m going piggybacking with friend and fellow journalist Al Emid.

Al’s second book, Financial Recovery in a Fragile World, which he wrote with Robert Ironside and Evelyn Jacks, came out earlier this month. It’s an advice book that tells readers how to survive and thrive in uncertain financial times.

Safe Harbor, my debut novel, is a murder mystery with a financial advisor as its central character.

The two are clearly quite different. But they’re also opposite sides of the same financial coin.

Al, whose articles have run in the Globe and Mail, the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen, and a slew of other publications, suggested that we do a joint book sale and signing when Safe Harbor comes out in paperback.  We could split the costs, which would mean savings for both of us.

Then we realized there could be many more advantages, such as tapping other markets. I will hopefully benefit from introducing Al’s friends and colleagues to Safe Harbor. They may buy it. They may talk about it as well. And people I know can buy Financial Recovery and learn how to get their financial houses in order.

It’s called piggybacking: teaming up with a non-competing partner to our mutual benefit.

And because our books are so different, there’ll be a humorous side to our venture that will help build the buzz. Maybe we can come up with a catchy slogan to promote our sale and signing. How about Markets Can be Murder?

Once again, it’s about people sparking ideas off people. About networking and building communities.

I’m now counting the days till Safe Harbor‘s debut. Fifty-three to go for the e-book. Eighty-four for the paperback.

And, yes, I’ll be having my very own book launch too!

More on that later.

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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1 Response to Piggybacking to market

  1. Linda Cahill says:

    Excellent idea Rosemary, ” Markets Can Be Murder” joint book launch with Al Emid for your book Safe Harbour and his book Financial Recovery in a Fragile World. Seems there will be common themes in these uncertain economic times. Can’t wait.

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