Safe Harbor’s front cover!

Back in November, many of you voted on two versions of Safe Harbor‘s front cover. The poll closed a couple of weeks ago and 69% of the votes were in favor of the A version — which you can see here.

So that’s what we’re going with. And I love it!

Things are shaping up. Graphic artist Jennifer Johnson has designed a new banner for the top of this blogspot. I’ll put that up later this week.

And Imajin Books has created a nifty little book trailer. I’ll unveil that soon.

The countdown is on. Safe Harbor comes out as an ebook on March 21 and as a paperback one month later.

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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1 Response to Safe Harbor’s front cover!

  1. Hi Rosemary!
    I like this cover!!! It is little spooky!
    So, when is the book ready for review? 🙂


    Inga Kupp-Silberg
    inga from
    Me and Reading

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