My mini blog tour

I’m now on my very first blog tour. A short and sweet two-day getaway.

What is a blog tour? In the past, writers who wanted to promote their books had to give book signings and readings at book stores and libraries. This could involve considerable time and expense. Today, they can tour the world from their own homes and offices by “appearing” on other authors’ or fans’ blog sites.

Guest blogging works to the advantage of both the guest blogger and the host. The guest gets exposure to regular visitors to the host’s site. And because most blogs are archived, the guest post becomes permanent. The host, in turn, gets interesting new material for her blog, and exposure to the guest’s followers. Both of them can Tweet about the post and talk about it on Facebook. Another example of the wonderful give-and-take of social media.

So, today, I talk to Toronto thriller writer Julia Madeleine (author of The Truth about Scarlet Rose, No One to Hear You Scream and other works) about Safe Harbor and writing in general.

Tomorrow, I travel south of the border where New Jersey author Chris Redding (Blonde Demolition, Corpse Whisperer and other novels) will interview me again.

At this rate, who knows where I’ll end up.


About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based journalist and fiction writer.
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