Dark horse logs good test run

Safe Harbor didn’t catch up to Dracula and it didn’t made it into the top 100 in the Kindle Free Store in its two-day free Amazon promotion that ran until midnight yesterday. But it did see 1,118 free downloads on  Tuesday and Wednesday. That means there are now 1,118 people out there reading Safe Harbor on their Kindles, tablets, iPhones, PCs and laptops! And, hopefully, talking about it.

From what I observed — and I wasn’t glued to the Amazon page for the entire 48 hours — my dark horse reached high points of #217 in the entire store, and that’s with thousands of books in the running, #10 in Free Suspense and #12 in Thrillers. And it knocked the socks off Tess Gerritsen’s Freaks at #25 in Suspense, and kept pace just behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

I had to chuckle when I saw Stephen King’s new blockbuster 11/22/63 directly across the virtual aisle from Safe Harbor early Wednesday afternoon. They were both #10 in Suspense, although King’s book wasn’t free.

Safe Harbor slid a bit after that, but it was still in the Top 20 in Free Suspense at #15 when I checked out for the day at 10:50 p.m. EDT.

Not bad at all for an unknown author and a brand-new book.

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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