They can only say ‘no’

Sometimes, you just have to ask in order to receive.

Last week, I was on World Literary Cafe’s tweet team during Safe Harbor‘s KDP Select free days. When one of my fellow team members followed me on Twitter, I saw that her bio blurb said she was a blogger and reviewer. I reminded her that she could download Safe Harbor for free that day and I asked her to review it.

And she did. Now I have a lovely five-star review from a reader in Texas. She’s also put the review on Goodreads and will get it onto her blog.

As my mother used to say when I was in university and dragging my heels about looking for summer work, “They can only say ‘no’.”

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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2 Responses to They can only say ‘no’

  1. Donna Miller says:

    I have a Kobo will I be able to download it? I so wana read it .
    Donna Miller

  2. Hi Donna,
    Not a Kobo, but you can download it onto a tablet, PC or laptop.
    And as of today, the paperback is available from Createspace
    And available at in a few days.
    Thanks for your interest!


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