A Bloody wrap!

Finally A Bride panel, from left to right: myself, Susan Calder, Gloria Ferris and Gordon Cope. Unfortunately, Deryn Collier, seated at Gordon’s right, has been cut off, but there’s a good shot of her book, Confined Space. (Photo by Linda Cahill)

Another great Bloody Words weekend wrapped up today. For me, the highlight of Bloody Words 12 had to be Finally A Bride, the first-time authors’ panel that I moderated on Friday evening. After years of attending Canada’s annual crime-writing convention, I was absolutely thrilled to return at the head of a team of newly minted authors: Susan Calder, Gloria Ferris, Gordon Cope and Deryn Collier. We discussed how we kept our spirits up through months, years, even decades of rejection; what we thought of publishers’ requests for exclusive manuscript submissions; and whether we got legal advice before signing a contract with a publisher. At the end of the sessions we threw plastic bouquets to the audience.

There were other wonderful moments. Like the announcement that my short story, Crossing Over, will be included in Sisters in Crime Toronto’s upcoming anthology, The Whole She-Bang (publication in October). Seeing old friends such as Elda Thomas again. And having the great Canadian author Michael Ondaatje (up for a Hammitt award) seated at the table next to mine.

Kudos to Donna and Alex Carrick. I picked up many pointers at their social media workshop today.

Sadly, there’ll be no Bloody Words next year. Halifax has fallen through. Have to wait until 2014 to experience that rush again!


About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based journalist and fiction writer.
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