Partying in cyberspace

I’ve just been to my first virtual book launch party. It started yesterday and it runs all week long to celebrate the release of Dragon Defense, the third book in Diane Rapp’s Heirs to the Throne sci-fi trilogy. Diane is holding the party on Facebook, where characters are available for interviews and virtual wine, margaritas and iced tea are being served. And guests have a chance to win a 15-by-24-inch signed color poster of Dragon Defense‘s cover (pictured below).

Diane’s is the first event of its kind for me, but the virtual book launch party has been around for some time. The traditional launch is a way to introduce (and sell) a book to friends, family and colleagues, and its virtual counterpart allows writers to connect with a lot more people – around the world, in the case of Trinity, Texas-based Diane Rapp – at far less cost. The focus is on spreading the word, rather than a quick sale. Bloggers are at the top of the guest list, with the hope that they`ll spread the message to their followers.

Drop by Diane’s party room any time until 3 p.m. CDT on Sunday.

And here’s’s blurb about Dragon Defense:

When an Institute battleship tracks Donovan’s crew to Drako, it threatens to destroy the whole planet. Twenty years ago the Zebulon executed a desperate escape from Institute-controlled space, and Dr. Alexander deleted crucial records about Transfer from Institute files. He hoped their trail would vanish before the Institute discovered the sabotage. He was wrong! Humiliated by the exodus of the scientists, Fremont won’t rest until he extracts the ultimate revenge. Donovan must train new recruits to operate forbidden technology and bored teenagers look like perfect candidates. Is there enough time for feudal lords to learn space-age skills and save the planet?

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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1 Response to Partying in cyberspace

  1. Diane Rapp says:

    Thanks for the mention Rosemary. The party must be working since you’re spreading the word. It’s been fun planning, making pictures of scenes and characters, so I hope everyone will come. We’ve got more virtual food and drink in the kitchen!

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