Blog Action Day

Today, Oct. 15, is Blog Action Day, a day when bloggers around the world are urged to write about “The Power of We”—the great things that happen when people work together. This year, I’m in a particularly good position to sound off on this topic. In the six months since Safe Harbor was released by Imajin Books, the success it’s enjoyed has largely been because of the support of other writers, many of whom I have never met in person.

Writing is generally a solitary experience, and most writers find solitude essential to the writing process. But once we leave the writing phase and start to market our works, solitude is the last thing writers need. I seemed to know this instinctively, probably because I’d experienced the kindness of fellow writers for some time. For several years, my “writers’ group” of six Toronto writers has given encouragement and suggestions, sparked ideas and provided much-needed deadlines. Crime Writers of Canada is always supportive, and five years ago it kicked my confidence up several notches when I made the shortlist for its inaugural Best Unpublished Novel Award.

When Safe Harbor was accepted for publication and in “production,” I started reaching out to the Canadian writing community to ensure its success. Established Canadian crime writers—Rosemary Aubert, Gail Bowen, Maureen Jennings, Dorothy McIntosh and Rick Mofina—gave Safe Harbor wonderful endorsements for its cover and inside pages. A number of Canadian authors invited me to write guest posts for their blogs, before the book was even out.

When Safe Harbor finally became a reality in March, I reached out even farther—to writers and book bloggers around the world—who allowed me to tap into their networks and helped me hone my social media skills. Fellow Imajin authors, World Literary Café, Michael Lorde’s Sweet Tweets and Author Source groups, Sisters in Crime Toronto and Donna Carrick’s Excerpt Flight Deck, thank you all!

With your help, Safe Harbor got off to a very good start. Sales in the late spring and early summer were excellent, and my royalty statement for the second quarter of this year was a pleasant surprise.

There is definitely power in We. Now what can I do for You?


About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based journalist and fiction writer.
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