Money and murder: Meet author Colleen Cross

Vancouver writer Colleen Cross is my guest today on Moving Target. Author of the Katerina Carter fraud thriller series, Colleen writes about white-collar crime, a subject she’s no stranger to in her career as a forensic accountant. She’s always been fascinated by what makes people cheat, steal, lie and murder.


One thing I’ve learned in life is that there’s rarely a level playing field. The strongest, fastest and the best-connected people ultimately decide how things get done. The rest of us follow.

Most powerful people achieve great things and make our world a better place. But more than a few succumb to their baser needs. As Lord Acton famously said, Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

I explore that theme in my latest book, Game Theory. Katerina Carter investigates fraud at a currency hedge fund and uncovers a connection to The World Institute, an off-the-record shadow government pulling the strings to create a single global currency, one world government and army.

A concentration of power benefits some individuals in the short run, but harms our civilization longer term. Society needs checks and balances, whether it is to prevent corruption, abuse of power, or an unfair advantage over those unable to care for themselves. We need safeguards at home too; not just in the political arena.

Elder abuse is a prime example, and it is rampant in our society today. Victims are often mentally incapacitated, unable to speak or care for themselves. As Kat learns in Game Theory, elder abuse comes in many forms, including neglect, physical and financial abuse. It often escapes detection or even worse, is hidden under a cloak of shame. Often committed by a family member, it is the secret crime no one dares talk about.

But keeping silent is an even bigger crime. Is it in your family, neighborhood or social circle? If you suspect it, investigate further, and do something. Let’s collectively speak up and do what’s right. If not for ourselves, then for those unable to defend themselves against this insidious crime.


Game Theory, the second book in the Katerina Carter series, has just been released as an ebook. The paperback will follow later this month. If you’re in the Vancouver area on Friday, Nov. 30, drop by the Heritage Grill in New Westminster for the Game Theory book launch. Between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Exit Strategy, the first book in Colleen’s financial thriller series, was released in 2011. She’s currently working on the third Katerina Carter book.

Follow Colleen on her website.

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Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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