Black Friday sale!

Today is Black Friday, a big shopping day for our American neighbours when retailers hold massive sales to signal the start of Christmas shopping. And Canadian businesses, especially in cities close to the border like Toronto where I live, are now following their example with their own Black Friday sales. They’re afraid Canadian shoppers will head south for bargains.

So with all those newly purchased Kindles crying out to be filled with ebooks, Imajin Books, Safe Harbor‘s publisher, is holding a Black Weekend ebook sale today throughout Monday, with $1 off select titles. Check them out here, where their Amazon urls are also listed.

And take a look at the cute vignette Imajin author Alison Bruce wrote on her blog today. She called it Deadly Sale, and it incorporates the titles of all the Imajin ebooks on sale this weekend.

Imajin’s Christmas paperback sale continues through Dec. 16. You can find the coupon codes to get $1 off the sale price of the different titles on Createspace (an Amazon subsidiary) on Imajin’s sale page.

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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