Hats off to librarians!

I don’t know where Canadian authors would be without the wonderful people who run our public libraries.

309198_453386934693482_2134533490_nThis evening, fellow Toronto writer Steve Shrott and I gave a talk at the S. Walter Stewart Library, the public library close to where I live — one of a series we’ve done in the past few months at Toronto Public Library branches. We talked about The Whole She-Bang — the Sisters in Crime anthology in which we both have short stories — my mystery novel Safe Harbor, and how we each approach crime fiction writing.

Last month, I joined fellow Crime Writers of Canada authors at a talk at a public library in Hamilton, and we will return to another Hamilton library in May.

Safe Harbor Front300dpiThe librarians at all these branches went out of their way to schedule us into their programs and include our works on their shelves. Best of all, they seemed eager to have us speak to their members.

For tonight’s event, the Walter Stewart’s Janet Nanos posted flyers around the library, at other nearby libraries, at a mystery bookshop and she had the talk listed in the community newspaper.

The result was a great turnout of readers and writers. And Janet had a display of Canadian crime fiction novels — by Gail Bowen, Howard Shrier, Sean Chercover, Peter Robinson, Maureen Jennings, Giles Blunt, to name just a few — out for them to view. The branch already had a copy of Safe Harbor on its shelves, and I believe she ordered a few more. And The Whole She-Bang somehow found its way to the branch, when it wasn’t there the last time I checked.

Up in Ontario cottage country where I spend much of my time in the warmer months, Catherine Coles, branch services librarian with the Haliburton County Public Library, added Safe Harbor to the library’s collection last year. And she invited me onto Haliburton County Reads, the weekly radio book program she co-hosts on Canoe FM.

Librarians are a terrific resource for Canadian writers. They support us, promote us and seem to enjoy reading our works.

We really appreciate them!


About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based journalist and fiction writer.
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