The cover story!

Nef North 300Just saw the cover of NEFARIOUS NORTH. I have a short story, “The Pre-Paid Funeral” in this exciting new crime fiction anthology. Isn’t its cover fabulous? Click on the image to see a LARGER version.

The anthology will be released in September, and it’s the brain child of Karen Blake-Hall, a mover and shaker in the crime-fiction community of southwestern Ontario.

AND speaking of covers, I just caught a glimpse of the cover that’s being designed by Ryan Doan for my upcoming Pat Tierney mystery novel, BLACK WATER. The image is moody and suspenseful, exactly what’s needed for this novel about buried secrets, family ties…and so much more. All the endorsement blurbs are now in from crime fiction icons Rosemary Aubert, Gail Bowen, Maureen Jennings and D.J. McIntosh — and the novel will be released late next month!

Heady days ahead! And they include the publication of yet another short story, “The Sweetheart Scamster,” in another brilliant new anthology, Mesdames of Mayhem’s, Thirteen for 2013, that’s also coming out in the early fall.

I can’t WAIT for all of this to happen!


About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based journalist and fiction writer.
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