Three more gems for 13 Claws collection

The winning story and the two runners-up of the Mesdames of Mayhem’s short story contest have just been announced.

The winning story is “Night Vision” by Mary M. Patterson. And the two runners-up are “Dana’s Cat” by Rosalind Place, and “That Damn Cat” by Marilyn Kay. These three writers have never had a story published in the crime fiction genre.

All three stories will appear in the Mesdames’ third anthology, 13 Claws, which will showcase fiction by the 15 Mesdames and will be released by Carrick Publishing in September. Congratulations to Mary, Rosalind and Marilyn! I’m looking forward to reading your work.

It was Madame Jane Burfield who came up idea of including previously unpublished writers in the collection. Several of our Mesdames teach creative writing, and are at a stage in their careers where they want to give back to the crime-writing community and encourage new Canadian talent. It’s always exciting to help upcoming writers.

Because the contest received many well-written entries, it was decided to include three of its submissions in the anthology instead of the original one winner. All personal identifiers had to be removed from the header, footer and body of the submission, and entries were judged blind by a committee. All stories had to involve a crime, either solving it or preventing it from happening. And an animal had to be central to the story.

There’s no doubt about it. 13 Claws will be a winner!

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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2 Responses to Three more gems for 13 Claws collection

  1. mcallway says:

    Thanks!! Best Mad

  2. marilynkay22 says:

    Thank you, Rosemary, many thanks to Madame Jane Burfield for her idea of including unpublished writers in the 13 Claws collection, and thanks to all the Mesdames of Mayhem for this chance to join Canada’s crime writing community.

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