Hunkering down with Pat Tierney

Returning from Cuba on February 14 as we did, Ed and I didn’t have to self-isolate for two weeks in case we were carrying the coronavirus. But given that the venues of most of our favourite Toronto activities–fitness centres, public libraries, restaurants and movie theatres–are closed, and gatherings of more than five people are discouraged, we have pretty much been living in self-isolation.

Ed is keeping busy editing manuscripts for fiction writers. And I’ve been hunkering down with Pat Tierney, the protagonist of my three mystery novels. Pat’s fourth mystery is now finished, and I’m going over the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb. After spending two books in Ontario cottage country, Pat has returned to Toronto and has purchased an existing financial planning practice. She is going out on her own because she is tired of being jerked around by the head honchos at big investment firms. She figures she can help her clients better on her own.

I’m hoping that the fourth novel will be out this year. Still don’t have a title for it, though. But in keeping with the titles of the other three mysteries–Safe Harbor, Black Water and Raven Lake–this one should be another water idiom.

So I’ll have plenty to do in the next few weeks making sure this fourth Pat Tierney adventure is, to use another water metaphor, ship-shape.

I try to keep myself in shape by bending my elbows every so often in toasts to Pat, and all the wonderful places she’s taken me to over the years. Thank goodness the LCBO stores are still open!

Salut, Pat Tierney!

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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