Murder and malaise…and the criminal minds who revel in it!

Carrick Publishing has announced the names of the 35 authors whose stories will appear in its upcoming crime fiction collection, A Grave Diagnosis:

  • Catherine Astolfo: “The Backpack”    
  • Rosemary Aubert: “Mercy”
  • Jayne Barnard: “Christmas Rose”
  • Thom Bennett: “The Empty Grave”
  • Susan Bowman: “The Bridge Case”
  • Jane Petersen Burfield: “Unmasked”
  • Linda Cahill: “The Referral”
  • M.H. (Madeleine) Callway: “The Eternal Bakery of the Fractal Mind”
  • Melodie Campbell: “Two Crooks Walk into a Store”
  • Donna Carrick: “A Grave Diagnosis”
  • Rosalind Croucher: “The Drowning”
  • Lisa de Nikolits: “Love Thy Neighbour”
  • John Floyd: “The Rocking R”
  • Mary Fraser Hamilton: “Aura”
  • Delee Fromm: “The Neighbourhood Watch”
  • Therese Greenwood: “Boom Town Shakedown”
  • Elizabeth Hosang: “A Pill a Day Keeps the Blues Away”
  • Blair Keetch: “Sleep, Perchance to Die”
  • Laura Kulmann: “Change of Heart”
  • Hayley Liversidge: “The Crimson Grave”
  • Sylvia Maultash Warsh: “Days Without Name”
  • Rob McCartney: “The Red Cord”
  • Rosemary McCracken: “Hooked”
  • Lynne Murphy: “Woman Aglow”
  • Joan O’Callaghan: “Napoleon’s Nose”
  • Ed Piwowarczyk: “Danny and Me”
  • Rosalind Place: “Criminals Like Us”
  • Merrilee Robson: “In His Element”
  • C.A. (Carolyn) Rowland: “The House of Elizabeth Dandridge”
  • Steve Shrott: “Sometimes Miracles Happen”
  • Madona Skaff: “Cross Match”
  • Caro Soles: “Waiting in the Wings”
  • Blake Stirling: “The Poison Pill Cure”
  • Kevin Thornton: “Hypochrondriacs Don’t Get This”
  • Vanessa Westermann: “Medicine”

All the stories in the anthology revolve around an illness/disease and, of course, a crime. Publisher Donna Carrick says she was “blown away” by the quality of the submissions. “And I’m not easily impressed anymore,” she adds.

A Grave Diagnosis will be released in October.


About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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