A Little Help from My Friends

COVID-19 has challenged writers to come up with innovative ways to market their books. Back in 2019, we were looking for opportunities to connect with readers at libraries, bookstores and other brick-and-mortar venues. The Mesdames of Mayhem had a spectacular turnout in April 2019 when we spoke to University Women’s Club of Canada members in Bracebridge, Ont. And we were looking forward to visiting the Collingwood Public Library in April 2020…but, sadly, COVID scuttled that plan.

We’ve risen admirably to the COVID challenge. I had a terrific Zoom launch in October for the release of Uncharted Waters. More than 40 people attended — and many of these were people who could never have come to a launch in a Toronto bookstore: cousins in Ohio, Edmonton and Sudbury, and friends in Ottawa, Montreal and Cornwall, Ont. Zoom book launches will probably remain a permanent part of the post-COVID world.

But we’re still in pandemic mode, and it’s more important than ever to rely on the generosity of our fellow writers. Toronto author Sharon A. Crawford and I have been helping each other with online promos for our new books. I interviewed Sharon on Moving Target last month about her new memoir, The Enemies Within Us. And she reciprocated with an interview of me today on her blog, Sharon A. Crawford Author.

Check out the interview by clicking here.

About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based fiction writer.
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