Carrick Publishing in the spotlight again!

The shortlist for Crime Writers of Canada’s annual Awards of Excellence was released last night, putting Carrick Publishing once again in the spotlight. The five short stories named as finalists for the CWC’s Best Short Story Award include “Days Without Name” by Sylvia Maultash Warsh. Warsh’s tale was one of 35 stories of murder and malaise in Carrick Publishing’s 2020 collection, A Grave Diagnosis.

Sylvia Maultash Warsh.

It’s the second time that Carrick Publishing has featured prominently in the CWC awards. In 2018, four works in Carrick’s 13 Claws collection were award finalists,, and Catherine Astolfo’s “The Outlier” won the prestigious Best Short Story Award.

Let’s hope Carrick Publishing and Sylvia Warsh score big when this year’s winners are announced on Thursday, May 27!

Another well-deserved award was conferred last night. Marian Misters, co-owner of Toronto’s Sleuth of Baker Street bookshop, was awarded the CWC’s Derrick Murdoch Award for her contribution to Canadian crime writing. She has served as jury chair for the annual awards for several years, and she has supported authors in numerous ways since the bookstore opened.

Marian Misters, co-owner of Sleuth of Baker Street.

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