Rosemary’s friends

Chris Johnson reads Safe Harbor.

Rosemary, second from far right, and husband Ed Piwowarczyk, far right, at Crime Writers of Canada’s booth at Word on the Street, September 2012.

From left, Marny Gibson, Anne Logan and Rosemary. We’re checking out K.C. Black’s beautiful new home on Lake Simcoe…and into the vino!

Finally A Bride (first novel) panel at Bloody Words 2012. From left to right: Rosemary (moderator), Susan Calder, Gloria Ferris and Gordon Cope.

3 Responses to Rosemary’s friends

  1. Carol Lavallee says:

    Congratulations, Rosemary! I can feel the energy surges when you are crafting the lives of your characters (and, at times, the incredible frustration)! The life events of your characters are akin to those of my patients …

    I look forward to your updates! Cheers!

  2. corinne says:

    I see that Carol is still a ‘country girl’ at heart…… re-energizing with nature! ‘Good to know that you two are still together; much like Mo Stafford and I.
    Keep smilin’.

  3. Bill Kennedy says:

    Congratulations, Rosemary! I chose cover A, which from the results seems to be the popular choice. I enjoyed what I read of your manuscript at Loyalist so looking forward to the rest of the story. Wish you the best.
    Bill Kennedy

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