Pat Tierney’s in for MORE trouble

“I look forward to seeing what trouble Pat Tierney will get herself into next.” That’s what one reviewer posted on SAFE HARBOR’s Amazon page. “Can’t wait for another Pat Tierney instalment,” another reader wrote.

Well, rSafe Harbor Front300dpieaders who want more Pat Tierney adventures won’t have long to wait. I just signed paperback and ebook contracts with Imajin Books, and the second novel in the Pat Tierney suspense series will be released this summer. Its title hasn’t yet been decided.

I’m thrilled to bits that another Pat Tierney story will be up and running. This one will take Pat out of Toronto and into Ontario cottage country. While the setting is quite different from that of SAFE HARBOR, several characters will be familiar to its readers: Pat, of course; her daughters, Tracy and Laura; little Tommy Seaton; Sister Celia de Franco; and Farah Alwan. In the beautiful Glencoe Highlands, they’ll meet local residents and a number of newcomers to the area, including members of an outlaw biker gang.

There’s a murder. And Pat will get the opportunity to sniff out some pretty horrible white collar crime, and prove herself a champion of small investors.

That’s enough about Book II. Those of you who haven’t yet met Pat, I invite you to do so. SAFE HARBOR is FREE today on Amazon. Please download it and get to know Pat, her family and her world.


About rosemarymccracken

Rosemary McCracken is a Toronto-based journalist and fiction writer.
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